Frequently Asked Questions

Next Music Icon is the premiere online platform for independent artists. We offer the opportunity for artists to gain exposure through a unique online format. Artists can create a free profile, enter Battles in their genre, and build a fan base by sharing their Battle via social media links on the site. Nowhere else will you find the opportunity to expand your fan base, compete with musicians from around the world, sell your music, and ultimately become the “Next Music Icon”.

Choose your Genre, upload your song, and get your fans to vote for you by sharing your Battle Song via Social Media Links between Sunday 3:00 pm and Wednesday 3:00 pm for the qualifying rounds. The times for all rounds are stated below in question #3. The Musicians with the most votes by Wednesday at 3:00pm will be placed in the “Top Sixteen”, where they will go head-to-head with other musicians! The “Top Sixteen” will be placed in a bracket where the #1 musician in the qualifying round will go against the #16 musician, the #2 musician vs the #15 musician, and so on. Every day from Wednesday to Sunday fans will vote for their favorite song in each Battle within the “Top Sixteen” until the “Weekly Battle Winner” is chosen on Sunday at 2:00pm.

Battle of the Bands each week are as follows: • Qualifying Round is Sunday 3:00pm – Wednesday 3:00pm • First Round is Wednesday 4:00pm – Thursday 4:00pm • Second Round is Thursday 4:00pm – Friday 3:00pm • Third Round is Friday 3:00pm – Saturday 2:00pm • Final Round is Saturday 2:00 pm – Sunday 2:00pm The deadline to enter a Battle each week will be Wednesday at Noon. **NOTE THAT ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD TIME**

You may enter as many songs per genre Battle each week that you wish to enter and the cost is $7.99 per song entered per genre. Each Artist can choose their 5 genres in which to Battle, and may only Battle in those chosen genres. The only exception is, “Battle Winners” may not enter their winning song for the following 6 weeks. By paying the $7.99, the musician is entering a skill competition which is judged by fans, just create an artist profile. All songs entered must be original and not professionally produced by a label as discussed in Terms & Conditions. Note there is No Purchase Necessary for fans to judge.

All lyrics and music must be original. No cover songs are allowed. Next Music Icon will not own any part of songs that are uploaded to the site. Artists are granting Next Music Icon a non-exclusive license to display the work on the site for fans to follow and vote and to participate in battles against other artists. All songs uploaded to the site for Battle and Sales are required to have copyright registration

Yes. Our Battles are open to residents of all countries worldwide, however only contestants who can prove legal residency in the United States and District of Columbia, U.S. territories and possessions and overseas military installations, the United Kingdom excluding Northern Ireland, Canada excluding Quebec, and Australia are eligible to win cash awards. For more information, refer to Terms & Conditions.

You cannot be chosen to win a Battle it must be earned. Fans will vote for a musician based upon that musician skills. It is up to each musician to garner as many votes as they can during each round to ultimately win the Battle. Share your Battle during each round with fans, friends, and family so they can come and vote for your song. Gain the most votes during each round and you will be the Weekly Battle Winner in the genre you selected.

The site will keep up with live voting in real-time, so the musicians will be able to see where they stand for each round. When the voting ends for the final 2 musicians on Sunday at 2 pm, everyone will know who the winner is, since voting will be live. The money won will go directly into the musician’s website credit, which is established when you deposit money to the site. Each musician will need to have website credit in order to pay to enter the “Battles”. For example, if you have $40 in website credit, and you win $345 in the Battle, then your website credit will be $385.00. To get your money from the website, you will send in inquiry to and follow the instructions regarding the Affidavit that needs to be filled out and signed. Once we receive that, those who are eligible (see Terms & Conditions) will be able to choose to have the money put into their account on the website, or have a check mailed.

You may either log-in to your free profile, or just go directly to the Battle Pages and select the genre in which you would like to vote. When you find the song that you would like to vote for, you will have to listen to that song for at least 15 seconds before casting the vote. In qualifying rounds, you may vote as many times as you would like. In the Battle Rounds you may only vote once per song (per day) per head-to-head Battle, and you will not be able to vote for both songs in a particular head-to-head Battle.

Contestants must be 18 years of age to participate without consent from a parent or legal guardian. Those contestants who are ages 13 to 17, must get consent from parents or legal guardians. For minors to become members of the site, the parents or legal guardians must download and fill-out the Affidavit which is located on the Artist Join Page.

All musicians and fans will need to add funds to the website in order to enter Battles, to become a Featured Artist, or to purchase & sell music. Setting up your Funds Account is also the way musicians will be paid for their music sales and for their Battle winnings, along with checks if that is preferred. To be qualified for the Fan Cash Giveaway, fans do not have to purchase anything. Pricing Info Battle of the Bands$7.99/song/genre Featured Artists$39.99/month Sell your MusicReceive 85% of Sales

Featured Artists will have many benefits on Next Music Icon. They will be on the Featured Artists Scroll on the Home Page, where there will be a link to their profile. A search option for Featured Artists will also be available in each genre, so fans can locate them easier. Fans will be emailed to update them that the Featured Artists they have voted for previously has entered a new Battle and needs their vote. To become a Featured Artist is $39.99 per month.

Fan Cash Giveaway allows fans an opportunity to hear great music, have a voice in which Artist wins every week, and to win Cash in each genre. No Purchase is Necessary to become eligible. To be eligible you will need to create a Free Fan Profile with your name, email, and address. Note: Your Privacy is important and your information is for the use of NEXT MUSIC ICON only. Once you have created a Free Fan Profile all you have to do is vote once in the Genre Battle of your choice during that week’s Battle, which begins every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. and ends the following Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Fans may vote and become eligible in every Genre Battle every week.

If you have created your FREE fan profile, voted once during the Battles, then you will be eligible to win the Fan Cash in that Genre, which will be randomly selected. The Fan Money Winnings will be displayed at the top of each genre page and will increase in cash value each time a new musician enters the Battle. You may vote and become eligible in any Genre throughout the week's Battles. Winners will be randomly selected. You must be 18 years of age to be eligible. Certain locations are not eligible to win a cash prize. Refer to Terms & Conditions for more information.

No Purchase Necessary to enter Fan Cash Giveaway. Fan Cash Giveaway winners will be notified every Sunday by 6:00 p.m. via email. Winnings will be paid via a check, or site credit if you have an account established on the site.

You can upload up to 5 original songs to be sold on your free profile and you, the musician, will receive 85% of all sales for each song sold.

Yes. Once you become a Featured Artist, fans who have voted for you in previous Battles will be emailed to update them that you have entered another Battle and that they need to come and vote for you.

Each musician will need to manage funds on their account for two reasons. One is to be able to enter Weekly Battles and/or become a Featured Artist. The second reason is so that when you sell your music, the proceeds from that sale will go directly towards your Website Credit. Also when you win the Weekly Genre Battle that you have entered, the money won will be deposited into your Website Credit. Anytime you want your money, just send an inquiry to and the money will be released to you via Website Credit or a check if preferred. Fans will need to manage their funds account in order to purchase music on the site, or to have their Fan Cash Giveaway winnings sent to them.