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Throw Ya Hands Up!
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“Soul Saving Music.” (Read the entire Bio on the official URL site) One listen. That’s all it takes to become captivated by Y.O.(RAPTURE) Dino is not your average rapper just trying to give rap music a gospel flava, he is motivated by his relationship with Christ and his zest for life to share prolific experiences through verse, spoken word, with hot beats. He can take you from profound thought to head bopping in seamless transition. Born in Youngstown, OH a small city with a misguided reputation known as the “Murder Capital”. It was then he heard the voice of God call him to make a change and serve him, but he ran from the call and turned deeper into the streets; selling drugs, living the fast life, and doing street rap – all the while hearing God and hating God because he didn’t want to change. In 2007 Dino finally gave in and allowed God to use him avoiding the dead end his life was headed for; and while continuing to write songs, the lyrics changed and started writing about God.

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