Fan Cash

Introducing the Fan Cash System


Are you a big music fan? Do you like tracking and voting for your favorite bands on Next Music Icon during their battle of the band contests? Then you’re going to love fan cash!


Fan cash allows you to earn cash to be used towards music purchases simply by voting! It is that simple. In order to qualify for fan cash, create a free profile and simply vote (1) time in any one specific battle of the band tournament and you will be qualified for the fan cash. The winnings are a percentage of the total cash value for each and every battle of the band event.

The more bands that enter, the bigger the winnings. For example, if 250 bands enter the Rock Battle, you would be eligible to win $99.87 in fan cash credit. At the conclusion of each battle of the band contest, the eligible fans who voted at least (1) time will qualify to earn the fan cash and 1 lucky winner will be chosen randomly in each genre. **NOTE: No Purchase is Necessary to Enter**